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In our fully equipped Pilates-studios in the center of Amsterdam, we combine the traditional Pilates-methods with the most modern equipment to help improve your physical and mental well-being.

The new location BODYVITA SOUTH in Amsterdam Zuid has opened. Check the schedule for private- or grouplessons, or see the pictures.

For subscriptions and reservations, download de app voor Android of de app voor IOS. Check this link for a manual.



Bodyvita’s personal trainers assist you in improving your physical strength and agility. The Pilates-method is not only designed for a better physical shape and condition, but focuses on the connection between body and mind.


Our Pilates trainings in the center of Amsterdam are suited for men and women of all ages, regardless of any experience or disabilities. Bodyvita especially values a personal approach, with extensive individual attention and tailor-made programs focusing on your personal needs and goals.


Bodyvita welcomes beginners to learn the basic techniques of Pilates under the guidance of our personal trainers. After the fundamental skills are acquired, the level of personal training can be gradually raised, or you can continue with the (advanced) Pilates Group Lessons.



Bodyvita also has special rehabilitation programs to help recover from physical injuries, or to strengthen your endurance and fitness during times of pregnancy.

A healthy and flexible body allows your physical energy to flow freely, thereby strengthening or reinforcing your mind as much as your body.




Bodyvita Pilates-studios in the center of Amsterdam working with FysioLaarman (physical therapy  and osteopaty ) and Fysioline (physical therapy) & Fysio Ciao

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