Welcome to pilates studios BODYVITA and BODYVITA SOUTH!

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself”
Dr. M.F

In our Pilates studios in the center of Amsterdam and in Amsterdam-South we combine traditional methods, the latest developments and the best equipment from Balanced Body ® to improve the strength and flexibility of your body and mind.

Bodyvita - Pilates lessons Studio Amsterdam center and Amsterdam South

Pilates is an innovative and safe way of movement and provides exercises for body and mind. Pilates was born from the movement principles of Joseph Pilates and can completely transform the way your body looks and functions. The goal of Pilates is not only to move but also to strengthen the connection between body and mind and therefore Pilates will not only make you feel fitter but also mentally stronger.

Bodyvita stands for high-end Pilates lessons with individual attention and guidance. We believe that each body is unique and therefore needs a personalized approach. Bodyvita helps you in small groups to develop and maintain the strength, control and flexibility of your body under the supervision of our trainers. Movement is life and that is why we also keep moving by working with the latest equipment and combining new techniques with traditional methods. We strive to make your training extremely effective.

Bodyvita - Pilates lessons Studio Amsterdam center and Amsterdam South
Bodyvita - Pilates lessons Studio Amsterdam center and Amsterdam South

Our Pilates classes in Amsterdam are for everyone that wants to feel powerful in life, regardless of age, gender, agility or physical limitations.

At Bodyvita, all trainers have excellent training, each with their own specialty. In our clean, serene, beautifully compact studios, we work with only 4 to 7 customers per group lesson.

Bodyvita - Pilates lessons Studio Amsterdam center and Amsterdam South
Bodyvita - Pilates lessons Studio Amsterdam center and Amsterdam South

Even if you are in rehabilitation, Bodyvita can develop specific training sessions in consultation with a doctor or therapist. Bodyvita offers Pilates classes for all levels.

Beginners can get acquainted with the basic techniques under the guidance of a personal trainer. You can then increase the level of personal training or participate in advanced group lessons.

Bodyvita - Pilates lessons Studio Amsterdam center and Amsterdam South


A clean, beautiful and peaceful studio with a personal feel. The knowledgeable instructors know exactly how to guide you through the exercises correctly, while respecting your body. Bodyvita is my nr 1 studio for getting fit and in shape, and recovering from numerous physical issues!
Anca Atodiresei
Everyone can find his/her happiness at this studio. Amazing place to learn and practice pilates.
Extremely expert teachersVery personal approach, even in classes ( always max 5 persons)The best equipment in townBeautiful studioAfter each lesson I feel stronger, more confident and enlightened.Bodyvita is one of a kind!
Maria N
The best pilates studio in the city!
Oksana Prokopenko
Great Pilates studio, enjoyed every training there, probably the best I have ever exercised - very professional.
Anill Kanan
Pilatesle, ilk bebegimi dogurduktan sonra tanistim. Haftada 2-3 kez gidiyordum. Kisa zamanda sonuclarini gordum. Keske dogumdan 3-6 ay sonra baslasaydim diye hep hayiflanmisimdir. Gym’de havasiz ortamda canhiras spor yaparken ayaklarim geri geri giderdi. Salon sporu olmasina ragmen Pilatese severek ve belli bir disiplinle gidiyorum. Pilates vucut ve beynin uyumla calistigi bir spor. Vucutta koordinasyon, kontrol, denge, fleksibiliteyi arttiriyor ve vucut farkindaligi yaratiyor. Cok basit olarak, ‘’core” dedigimiz karin kaslarindan guc alarak yaptigimiz hareketler, vucut kaslarini hep uzatmaya yonelik. Boylelikle omurgamiz aciliyor, durusumuz duzeliyor, karin kaslarimiz gucleniyor ve sirt ve boyun agrilarimiz geciyor. Karin kaslarini guclendirdigi ve emzirmekten ileri gelen sirt ve boyun agrilarina iyi geldigi icin dogum sonrasi donemdeki bayanlara ozellikle oneriyorum. Pilates icin, bircok sporun calistirmadigi, cok farkli kaslari calistirdigi icin vucudun ince ayarini yapiyor diyebiliriz. Bu yuzden isin uzmani egitmenlerden ders almak cok onemli. Bodyvita, egitmen kadrosu ve modern reformer aletleri ile her yasa uygun egzersizler sunan uzman bir studio, herkese siddetle tavsiye ediyorum.
Great place where you get lots of attention on how to do it right. very intense and great results. you can see the difference within 3 months on a 2x a week schedule.
My experience with Bodyvita, and more particularly with Rosi (my personal trainer), has completely changed my life for the better. At first, I signed up to please my wife who was already actively training 3 times per week at Bodyvita. Of course, when I started, I could not deny that my body’s functions were a bit rusty (just to use a euphemism), but I was still not motivated… back then, scheduling pilates sessions almost felt like an interruption in my busy daily schedule… But since I cannot refuse anything to my sweetheart, I compelled myself to train to make her happy: Reformers, Cadillac and Wonder Chairs, ‘me voila’! As soon as I started to train with Rosi, the resentful chitchat in the back of my head dissipated almost instantly. In fact, aside from being obviously a very knowledgeable pilates instructor, Rosi is blessed with an intuitive “understanding of the body” (for lack of better wording!). She right away knew how to ‘push’ me to my limits in a way which has been not only challenging but also addictive… Nowadays, when going to Bodyvita, regardless of how I feel physically or psychologically, Rosie customizes training sessions which inevitably make me feel ...
Eve OByrne
J’ai commence le Pilates il y a 6 ans car j’etais tres raide au niveau du dos et que je n’aimais pas particulierment le sport . Tres rapidement je n’ai plus pu m’en passer. J’ai acquis une tonicite et une souplesse que je ne pouvais imaginer. Les excercices sont simples, efficaces et procure un bien etre fantastique. La respiration est aussi très importante. Je ressort de chacunes de mes seances comblee.
Ashkaine Hora Adema
Ha ha ha. I am very reluctant to share the best kept secrets in town with people i don't know. . ..Before you know it there is a waiting list at Bodyvita.