Bodyvita offers Pilates Training under the attention of a personal trainer as well as group trainings. The lessons are given in our studio in the center of Amsterdam.

“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.”

Joseph Pilates


Individual training programs

Bodyvita’s Personal Training offers you the full devotion and personal attention of a professional Pilates trainer. Our individual programs are tailor-made for your personal qualities and training goals.

The first step in our Personal Training course is a meeting between you and your preferred trainer. After discussing your mental and physical qualities and the goals you hope to achieve through Pilates training, our trainers will develop the ideal program for a step by step improvement of your personal strength.

With Pilates Personal Training courses, you always have the full range of our Pilates equipment at your disposal in our studio in the center of Amsterdam, such as props, the allegro, the ladder barrel and freestyler.

Special needs programs

Bodyvita also specializes in training programs adapted to specific goals, or target groups with special needs as a result of physical disabilities or injury.

It’s possible to follow these special trainings with your own personal trainer:

  • Slimming and figure correction
  • Total fitness
  • Training for athletes (swimming, horse riding, tennis and many more)
  • Senior fitness
  • Medical fitness or disability programs
  • Breathing exercises
  • Stress management and relaxation techniques

 Personal Myofascial stretch

Myofascial Stretch Training is designed to relieve unwanted tension of the muscles and improve a natural relaxed posture. It’s based on the principal of improving the flexibility of the so-called fascia surrounding the muscles and joints.


Bodyvita also offers the option of training in groups in our studio in the center of Amsterdam, with different levels ranging from beginner to expert.

Pilates for Beginners

Pilates for Beginners offers an introduction to the basic principles and methods of Pilates, like breathing techniques, developing the right posture and acquiring core stability. It’s recommended that inexperienced trainees start at this level, because further progress in Pilates will always require control of these basic skills.

Pilates for the Experienced

After mastering the basics, either through our beginner’s training or any earlier experience, Pilates for the Experienced is aimed at improving your performance. Trainings are more challenging, with more complex exercises and a faster learning curve.

Pilates for the Advanced

The highest level of training requires a thorough development of mental and physical awareness, with a reliable knowledge of your own inner strengths. Not every trainee is made to reach this level. If you are, however, you and your trainer will know by intuition.


Instead of training with traditional Pilates-equipment, this program uses the special Allegro device. The Allegro not only offers a larger repertoire of exercises, but also contains springs that resist the pressure of your body during exercise. This is useful for correcting an imperfect balance of your muscles or to find a more optimal posture.

Allegro trainings can be used for the exercise of both daily or athletic movements.

Because of the resistance, the allegro training is often experienced as a more taxing workout, demanding more physical strength.

Pilates pregnancy lessons

During the happiest period of their life, women have special needs to maintain their physical strength and stamina. Bodyvita offers a special workout during and after times of pregnancy, to maintain your natural strength and revive to a healthy condition afterwards.

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