At Bodyvita you can follow Pilates classes in groups or with a personal trainer. The lessons are given in our studios in the center of Amsterdam and in Amsterdam South.

“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body.”
Joseph Pilates

Therapeutic Pilates 

Therapeutic Pilates is a trainng method for body and mind, designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance and moving patterns. The method is a safe and effective way to work with orthopedic and neurological problems, and is suited for all ages and fitness levels. The following conditions can be handled by therapeutic pilates:

  • To resume fysical activity after COVID
  • Orthopedic issues and injuries
  • Postoperative rehab
  • Chronic pain
  • Neurological conditions
  • Oncological rehab
  • Pre / postnatal training
  • Lack of motivation to maintain a healthy movement routine.

Your therapeutic Pilates-sessions are diagnose specific and adapted to your individual needs.




With Pilates Personal Training (PT) you have the full attention of a personal trainer in a program that is custom made for your physical status and objectives.

The first step of the personal training is an introduction talk of about 10 minutes with your trainer of choice.  Our trainers get most information from your body and the way you move during the first personal training but if you think that 10 minutes is too short, please send all relevant information via email before the introductory meeting. During the introductory meeting, you will together determine which goals you have in mind with the Pilates training and where your physical and mental limits are. Based on this conversation and the expertise of the trainer, a program is created in which you can gradually improve your health and vitality at your own pace. Of course, you have access to all the equipment in our studios in Amsterdam during these one-on-one sessions.

We also offer the “Duet” training form, an intermediate form of a personal training and a group lesson. You train together with a friend of yours, click here for more info and reservation requests.

Targeted Personal Training
Bodyvita has developed various programs for specific training goals and / or target groups. With these programs you can also count on the individual attention and guidance of a personal trainer, but you train with a specific goal in mind.

  • Whole body correction
  • Flexibility
  • Strength without bulk
  • Posture improvement
  • Weight loss
  • Improving balance
  • Total fitness
  • Performance training for specific sports (including running, horseback riding, soccer, hockey, tennis, golf, swimming, skiing, kite surfing or windsurfing)
  • Rehabilitation training & rehab Pilates
  • Pilates for seniors
  • Vital program
  • Breathing techniques
  • Anti-stress and relaxation

Pilates In Groups

Bodyvita offers Pilates small group lessons in our studios for all levels: from beginner to advanced. During the Pilates group lessons, 4-7 people take part in a lesson so that we can at all times offer the personal guidance and attention that is so important in our studios.

Pilates for beginners
When you first get started with Pilates, the introduction program is mandatory to be able to participate in the beginner’s lessons afterwards. Pilates is based on basic principles and techniques and the introduction program of Bodyvita offers an accessible introduction to these basic principles, such as correct breathing, body posture and centering your balance. After you have completed this introduction, we recommend that you take beginner´s lessons with different trainers. In this way you will be able to decide best with which trainer (and group) you feel most comfortable.

Pilates for the experienced
When you have mastered the basic skills (from our beginners course or previous experiences), it is time for the next step. The exercises at this level are more complex and the pace of the class is higher, with the aim of pushing your boundaries.

Pilates for the advanced
Advanced Pilates requires a very high development of physical awareness and knowledge of one’s own (inner) strength. It is not possible for everyone to reach this level. However, as soon as you are ready, that realization often follows.

Pilates Partners
Pilates Partners is intended for a ‘closed’ group of people (minimum 4, maximum 7) who would like to train together. Think of colleagues, family, or friends. With Pilates Partners you train at a fixed time on a fixed day with your regular group. Mail to Tatjana for additional info: info@bodyvita.nl

Personal Myofascial Stretch

Stretch lessons help to relieve unnecessary muscle tension and / or improve posture. A personal trainer helps you through special techniques to relax the “fascia” (the connective tissue around the muscles). The focus during these lessons is on improving the range of movement, eliminating pain, strengthening the muscles around the joints, regulating the nervous system and preparing the body for optimum performance. Targeted personal myofascial stretch lessons can help with:

  • back, hip, shoulder or neck complaints;
  • heel spur, shin split
  • headache and migraine;
  • comfortable, restful and restorative sleep
  • increased flexibility, reduced stiffness
Pilates lessen in Amsterdam centrum

​Pilates During Pregnancy

The pregnancy is a very special period in the life of a woman, but it also brings challenges and different when it comes to exercising. The special Pilates pregnancy lessons are fully focused on keeping your body in shape during this important period. They also promote a faster recovery after giving birth. 

Pilates Rehab

Did you know that Pilates actually originated as a rehabilitation method? Only later did Pilates become a form of exercise for everyone, but it was actually developed to make and keep the body healthy. That is why Pilates is extremely suitable during rehabilitation periods as well. If you are injured or need therapy for chronic neck and back pain, hip / knee replacements, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis or other conditions, research has shown that Pilates can be an effective treatment. During Pilates Rehab, individual attention and guidance is even more important and that is why at Bodyvita we only work in individual lessons. We also work with physiotherapists to find the best possible treatment for you.


Pilates Top Athletes

At Bodyvita we also guide top athletes to perform better. Because Pilates involves the torso, pelvis, core and shoulder girdle separately in the exercises and the emphasis is on good breathing during fluid movements, Pilates allows top athletes to reach and train each part of their body individually. Pilates can be a very good supplement during the preparation for:

  • ironmen
  • triathlons
  • marathons
  • open water swims
  • tour de France
  • mountain climbing

So, for all athletes (amateurs and professionals) who want to gain a competitive edge, Pilates can be that way!

Pilates @Home

We come to you . If you have a tight schedule, if you feel safest exercising in your own home or if you feel the need to have some in-person attention after months of zoom – this is the option for you.
These are private pilates lessons in your own home with your favorite Bodyvita teacher(s). Lessons are for 1 or 2 people of the same household, and tailored to your specific needs and wishes. It can be a pure mat lesson or with any equipment you have.
On request, we can bring a roller. the magic circle, weights, dynabands and small balls.
We can ordered for you Allegro-2, Allegro-2 Tower of power, Chair, ExcO Chair or IQ Reformer.
*any equipment is sold in package with private sessions.

Any request for Pilates@home should be sent to admin@bodyvita.nl with the following information:
-Your name and postal code
-Preferred teacher(s)
-Preferred days/times
-Equipment offerte

P.s. We take care to disinfect all equipment, and the lessons follow RIVM regulations