Marianna is trained according to the STOTT Pilates (reformer), the Classical Pilates method (mat) and Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio.With great enthousiasm Marianna motivates and encourages others to achive their personal goals.Her lessons have a certain softness, but that does not alter the fact that she knows exactly how to put you to work hard with flow and dynamics.  Marianna has always found a healthy lifestyle very important.  That is why, in addition to her study pedagogy at the university she has also developed into a group lesson instructor of various lessons (mat pilates, reformer pilates, yin yoga, step aerobics master, aerobics, body shape).  During this work she discovered her passion and love for pilates.  The intelligence of this form of movement fascinates and inspires her.  With great enthusiasm, Marianna motivates and encourages others to achieve their personal goals.