As a professional dancer, Marina has a very good understanding of the human body and a clean eye for correct movement. Marina is originally from the Netherlands but has lived in New York for many years, where she started her Pilates education with Teri Steele. She received her Pilates Mat Certificate in 2013, followed by the Pilates Apparatus education at Groundfloor Exercise and the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive on all apparatus in Amsterdam. In addition, Marina has a lot of experience with pre/post natal by taking various workshops Pilates for Pregnancy and the Mom in Balance trainer education. In her classes she is very enthusiastic about passing on her love and appreciation for movement. She enjoys helping people to find a better understanding of their own body, finding some release in their muscles and joints and creating a better posture in daily life.


Pilates Mat – Teri Steele 2013
Pilates on all Apparatus – Groundfloor Exercise 2014
Workshop “Pilates on stability ball and foam roller” –  2014
Pre/Post-Natal course – Teri Steele 2015
Polestar Pilates Comprehensive – 2018
Mom in Balance trainer education (training program for pregnancy) – 2018
Workshop Brent Anderson “Pilates in rehabilitation and healthy life style” – 2019
Workshop Brent Anderson “Movement Assessment”