Marit is born and raised in Norway, and after living abroad for more than a decade, she settled in Amsterdam in 2014. Growing up, Marit was active in many sports: football, horse riding, voltige, snowboarding and skiing. Sport and movement was always her passion, but she made it a career literally by accident. In 2008 she suffered an accident that resulted in a complicated femur and hip surgery, and she took a leave from her work as a development consultant for the necessary rehabilitation to be able to walk and move freely again. It was in this period that her physiotherapist recommended a Pilates class. It was love at the first hip extension. Pilates not only helped her recover from her injury, but also made her feel better in her body than ever before. Marit never went back to her previous work as a development consultant, and now makes a living sharing her love of movement with others..

After working for several years as a Pilates instructor, personal trainer and rehabilitation trainer, she decided to pursue a degree in physiotherapy, and today she splits her time between working in a physiotherapy clinic and teaching Pilates and fitness.

With a degree in physiotherapy, Marit has a keen eye for the movement demand of different sports and activities, and is able to create individualized programming to minimize the risk of injury, or to rehabilitate an injury that has already occurred. In addition, Marit also has specific competence on training for individuals with Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease and sport specific injuries in running, ball-sports (handball, football, rugby etc.) and dance.

Her teaching style is creative, blending influences from classical Pilates with other movement disciplines, physiotherapy and body work. Marit’s life goal is to help her clients discover the freedom and joy of movement in a way that is challenging and fun, yet sustainable.