9:30-10:30 Balance & Opening with 

The small ball is Turid’s favorite prop, as it is so easy to bring anywhere and gives so much feedback to any movement. Depending on how you use it, the ball mobilises, stabilises, challenges, de-stabilises or supports. In this Masterclass Turid will give you new ideas and motivation to open the chest and ribs, mobilize and stabilize the pelvis, add bridging variations and playfulness to your mat practice! After this you will want to bring the ball with you wherever you go.

10:45-11:45 Roller refresh with

To most, the foam roller is a beloved prop for myofascial release purposes. In this Masterclass however, Devon takes a different approach to the foam roller than what you may be used to. You will be invited to explore it as a tool to challenge stability and strength, and as a playful tool for stretching and mobility work. Starting with a dynamic warm up, either holding the roller or standing on it, we will play with a wide range of exercise possibilities in all the usual mat work positions, standing, seated, prone and supine. At the end of this Masterclass you will have yet another way to love your foam roller.

12:00-13:00 A book or a block is all you need with

In this Masterclass, Tatjana will show you how a minimal prop can give major outcomes for your mat practice. Using only a block, with a book as a back-up alternative, you will experience new ways to enhance body- and spatial awareness, to find better feedback and in turn improved movement control. Tatjana will draw on her broad experiences as a Pilates educator, athlete, athletic coach and rehabilitation trainer to help you think differently about how you use a prop you already have in different ways and for different purposes. After this class you will have plenty of ideas and inspiration to strengthen, mobilise and restore with the block.

ways while you discover what a great prop the broomstick really is

14:00-15:00 Lengthening & strengthening with Turid Dramé

In this Masterclass, Turid will make use of another very portable prop: the Dynaband. The use of these flat elastic bands of varying resistance originated in the field of physiotherapy for use in rehabilitation, to strengthen and rebuild muscle and connective tissue after injury. Over time, the bands have also become popular as a general and very versatile exercise prop that helps you to tone, strengthen and mobilise your entire body. Turid will take you through an exploration of new ways to use the dynaband to find feedback, lengthen and expand your range of motion so you can leave the class feeling free and refreshed.

15:15-16:15 Sound & Vision with
In this Masterclass Devon will invite you to explore how the use of your eyes, ears and other senses can support your movement practice. Numerous studies in the field of neurobiology and motor learning have pointed out the close interaction that exists between our senses, in particular visual and auditory, and the brain. As any movement in the body is produced in the brain, this must mean that auditory and visual information from your surroundings play a role in movement production, control and learning. By listening in to where you are in space, seeking out gazing points and playing with eye movement and breath, Devon will challenge you to work on your ability to move and control your body in ways that will be beneficial in all arenas, be they athletic, professional or just activities of daily living.


Bodyvita 10 years anniversary special 48H offer from August 17th

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 1 day 5 masterclasses: 9:30:00-16:30 €220.00
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“I could do way more that I thougth.”


“A lot of variations with simple props.”

Mireille M.

“It was one of the nicest things to do for me: I never thought I could do an entire day of Pilates but it was such a nice / no fail environment. It was easy to focus on your own level and get everything out of it that you wanted. Really excellent program, and couldn’t have been a nicer day (oh yeah: could have used a massage afterwards!)”

Rita M.

“I feel energized! Nice for my shoulders as I have a desk job.”

Margo V.

“New ideas to introduce to the classes!”

Daphne Y.

“Well organized, fun and supported full day Masterclass! I would definitely sign up for another one, if offered . Thanks!
Bedankt voor de inspirerende dag! Ik heb ontzettend veel glucose in mijn hersenen verbrand en daarna heerlijk geslapen. Ik hoop dat ik het meeste kan onthouden en door kan geven.”


“Good to move again in a bigger group! Great to see diferent teachers !”


“Using the props is new to me.”


“More shoulder awareness after doing classes. I felt good!!!!”