Virtual lessons

During our online classes we use two-video meaning we can see you as well during the class and we can see and correct how you execute the exercises and movements. Our virtual classes definitely also have the personal guidance and coaching that you are used to from the Bodyvita team!

Online lessons for students

First class
1. Create your ZOOM account for free here
2. Sign up for the BODYVITA online class
    New at BODYVITA create a account
    click here:
3. Check our schedule here
4. You will get an invitation 15-30 min before the class.
Check your email with the invitation for your class.
Click on the link in your email to attend the class.
Log in 15-30 min before the class or if you need help for your setup 1h time.
Get prepared and ready for your class:
-Check battery of your device
-Check your internet connection
-Check the lights
-Use AirPods for better sound
Place your laptop/IPad /tablet in front of the mat, so that we can see your body.
Launch Class:
-Sign up for the class
-You will get an invitation 15-30 min before the class.
-Open the zoom link in your email
-Start the class
P.S for lessons with props you will need a pilates kit (€100 à roller/ball/dynaband) If you want to order one, send us an email at info@bodyvita.nl


Each lesson is 45 minutes.
Pay online with your Visa/Master Card there is an extra credit card fee.
For Tikkie or Bank Transfer send us email info@bodyvita.nl

Virtual pilates class (1 lesson € 12,50)

Virtual pilates class (10 lessons €120,00)

Personal training
Virtual personal training (1 lesson € 50,00)

Virtual personal training (10 lessons 500,00)

Duet training
Virtual Duet training (1 lesson €30,00)

Virtual Duet training (10 lessons € 300,00)

Personal training Tatjana Plotnikova
Virtuele personal training (1 lessen €120,00)
Virtuele personal training (10 lessen €1200,00)

Virtual personal training (10 lessons 1200,00)