Pilates lessen in Amsterdam centrum

Online Pilates-lessons

Underneath you will find descriptions and examples of all our lessons. You can book your lessons in our schedule.
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During our online classes we use two-video meaning we can see you as well during the class and we can see and correct how you execute the exercises and movements. Our virtual classes definitely also have the personal guidance and coaching that you are used to from the Bodyvita team!

Shake & Stretch

A fun and active class where we will start with a HIT warm up (body release, leg and abdominal work), and then go into a deep and yet soothing stretch. Come to shake your tension away, increase strength and flexibility! (Stretch – All levels)
What you will need: mat

Roller Combo

A dynamic class where we mix Pilates and myofascial release. We will use the roller to challenge our balance, improve core control and enjoy a much-deserved muscular relaxation. (Pilates – All levels)
What you will need: a foam roller (90cm long at least)

Mindful Pilates & Relaxation

This is a gentle class to enhance mind-body connection and concentration. We will do soft Pilates exercises focusing on breathing and on being aware about the body sensations. We will combine Pilates with Mindfulness meditation and other relaxation techniques. (Meditation – Gentle)
What you will need: mat

Pilates lessen in Amsterdam centrum

Foam roller / Small ball class

This mat class incorporates the foam roller and small ball. The reason behind using small props is that it either supports or challenges your movement. The props will guide you through the right motion and therefore adds more support, but it can also challenge you by adding unstable surfaces which requires a lot more stability from your core. During this class we alternate between support and challenge which creates diversity in class. You will start to understand the asymmetries in your body with this foam roller/small ball class in addition to challenging your balance and stability. 
What you will need: foam roller and small ball (small ball can be replaced by small cushion)

​Energizing flow

If you are behind your desk all day, working from home, this is the perfect workout for you. Being behind your desk all day means that you first of all just need to get up and move. Second of all, sitting all day on a chair in front of a computer makes your shoulders round forward, your neck starts to hurt, hips become stiff etc. The class will be a little escape from your chair, where we work on our extensor muscles; the muscles that we need to keep our bodies upright, and it will also incorporate some gentle stretches for head, neck, shoulders and legs. After taking this class you will feel energised and ready for the (rest of the) day behind your desk. 
What you will need: mat

Slider Full body workout 

The slider workout is a part of the ReForMat classes, which replicate reformer like exercises on your mat from your own home without the need of expensive equipment. The sliders are incorporated in the classical Pilates mat-work creating a more fun and challenging workout do deepen your Pilates knowledge and understanding. Therefore, a basic understanding of the Pilates mat-work is needed. As always, we strive for personal guidance for you to make the most progress. If taken on a regular basis, you will notice getting stronger every week with with this full body workout. 
What you will need: mat, sliding disks (or towels/paper plates)


Small ball

you want to work your core and work on your balance? This class is for you. Using the soft pilates ball we will challenge our body to stay in balance, by connecting all our limbs to our core. We’ll challenge your balance both standing and laying down (yes that’s possible!). More advanced movers will receive specific variations to make sure everyone is challenged! 
Exercises will be set medium pace to keep movement precise, but still challenging for the core (without forgetting the rest of our body!). 
Precision and coordination are a key for me, so you’ll get individual correction to help you progress. 
What you will need: mat, small ball (22-26cm)

Big ball

Laying down, sitting, standing, everything is possible with the big ball. We’ll work on our stability, and on our core without forgetting to open our shoulders and back, as a better balanced comes first with a better posture.
With the big ball, nothing is better than working slowly to better engage and strengthen our deep muscles. Your coordination will be tested as well, with our precise personal corrections, you’ll see your progress shortly!
What you will need: mat, a big ball (65cm diameter in general but, if you’re over 1.8, 75cm diameter)


Full body workout

Do you want to get your heart rate up but can’t jump (unhappy neighbours, lack of space, or simply because of an old injury)? Then this work out is for you! 
In this faster pace class, we’ll work all our big muscle groups including our core, glutes, legs, ankles and arms. Your heart rate will go up without a doubt! Your balance will be challenged too as we will work standing for part of our workout and work on trickier floor to standing up combination. As always personalized advices will be given to help you progress. 
This class will use hands weight on a regular basis (between 1 and 2kg are the best)
What you will need: mat, hand weights (1, 1.5 or 2kg depending on what intensity you want to work with)

Ballet inspired pilates

Improve your balance, coordination and posture in this ballet inspired pilates class. We’ll work in a very precise manner both standing and laying down, developing a stronger core and getting more control on your body. You’ll be challenged in your balance and coordination without forgetting to work your brain with the longer and intricate exercises!
Exercise intensity will be built up as the course progress to keep it challenging.
As always with us, the class will be very detailed and full of personal corrections. We will work getting our movement to be precise, longer and bigger. The course will be slower to intermediate paced to break down the exercise but still challenging, as as you know in Pilates slower means hard work!
What you will need: mat, a big ball (65cm diameter in general but, if you’re over 1.8, 75cm diameter), a small ball (22-26cm), and a dynaband (1.5m long at least the longer the better)


Tune up balls

In this tune up balls class, we will use the medicine ball to help us release tension, relax our muscle and help myofascial release. You’ll feel calmer and more relaxed after the class. During each class we’ll work on at least one our most common tension spot (neck, shoulder or back), but we won’t forget the other muscles!
As this class will release tension and calm the nervous system, you might get cold during the class, so don’t hesitate to have an extra sweater on hand.
What you will need: a pair of tune up (small or medium size and the pouche that goes with it) as well as a yoga block (or a big book such as a dictionary)

Gentle stretch

For the early birds who need to open up before the day starts. During this morning stretching class, we’ll work on gentle stretches that can safely be performed before our day. We will get our body moving, releasing tension from bad sleeping position as well as open up our bodies to get prepared for our working day.
A regular cushion might be needed for certain poses.
What you will need: mat


Rock & Roller

Most of us know the Roller as a way of massaging our tight spots. In this class we will partly use the Foam roller to help release tension but also to help strengthen, shape, stabilize and challenge the rest of our body. Preferably we will use a 90cm roller, and sometimes other small props like resistant bands. And not to forget that some classes might incorporate many versions of the mat repertoire rolling exercises.
If you don’t have a roller for your first class don’t fret you can use a ball or pillow. 
What you will need: a mat, a roller (90cm long)


Agony Aunt Pilates

This walk in session is separated into 2 parts , 25-minute class that has a different theme every week. The next 20 minutes is dedicated to answering questions from the participants. They are welcomed to ask questions and then work together with the teacher and group to find a better understanding of what every pilates/movement related problem solving they might need. (All levels)
What you will need: a mat,


Reformer on the mat

Dynamic mat class using sliders and small hand weights mimicking reformer exercises, challenging multiple areas of the body at once.  Focusing on breath and core strength to initiate movement; this class will increase body awareness, muscle tone, joint stabilization, and a deep abdominal connection. Working at a deliberate pace to keep the heart rate up, this class is suitable and fun for all levels.
What you will need: a mat, sliders, small hand weight (1,5 kg max)

Morning Easy Flow

Gentle slow full body flow focused on breathing and waking up the body.  Suitable for all levels, this class will wake you up and leave you feeling energized.
What you will need: a mat



Full Body Stretching

This class is designed to get the muscles warmed up and moving and then deeply stretch and lengthen helping muscles recover and grow evenly.  With increased flexibility in the body and spine, the body can move in alignment and with efficiency.  Using a dynaband to get an even deeper stretch, this class is suitable for all levels and is a beneficial addition to any training regime.
What you will need: a mat, a dynaband (towel)

Classic Mat Class

The lesson will give you an insight into the origins of the most authentic form of pilates, which was meant by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the last century. In this original method there is a sequence of work, designed to move the body intelligently through a full range of movements, in all directions. It is a fluid, dynamic, controlled work, a continuous flow.
I guide you through this classical sequence, integrated with the knowledge of the contemporary pilates method, which includes biomechanics and the modern understanding of the body to make the movements safer and more functional.
This lesson will be taught in Dutch
What you will need: a mat