Pilates lessen in Amsterdam centrum

Online Pilates lessons

Underneath you will find descriptions and examples of all our online pilates lessons. You can book your lessons in our schedule.
The prices of the online pilates lessons can be found here.
During our online classes we use two-way-video meaning we can see you as well during the class and we can see and correct how you execute the exercises and movements. Our virtual classes definitely also have the personal guidance and coaching that you are used to from the Bodyvita team!

Full body workout

Do you want to get your heart rate up but can’t jump (unhappy neighbours, lack of space, or simply because of an old injury)? Then this work out is for you! 
In this faster pace class, we’ll work all our big muscle groups including our core, glutes, legs, ankles and arms. Your heart rate will go up without a doubt! Your balance will be challenged too as we will work standing for part of our workout and work on trickier floor to standing up combination. As always personalized advices will be given to help you progress. 
This class will use hands weight on a regular basis (between 1 and 2kg are the best)
What you will need: mat, hand weights (1, 1.5 or 2kg depending on what intensity you want to work with)

Classic Mat Class

The lesson will give you an insight into the origins of the most authentic form of pilates, which was meant by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the last century. In this original method there is a sequence of work, designed to move the body intelligently through a full range of movements, in all directions. It is a fluid, dynamic, controlled work, a continuous flow.
I guide you through this classical sequence, integrated with the knowledge of the contemporary pilates method, which includes biomechanics and the modern understanding of the body to make the movements safer and more functional.
This lesson will be taught in Dutch
What you will need: a mat