Pilates @Home

We come to you . If you have a tight schedule, if you feel safest exercising in your own home or if you feel the need to have some in-person attention after months of zoom – this is the option for you.
These are private pilates lessons in your own home with your favorite Bodyvita teacher(s). Lessons are for 1 or 2 people of the same household, and tailored to your specific needs and wishes. It can be a pure mat lesson or with any equipment you have.
On request, we can bring a roller. the magic circle, weights, dynabands and small balls.
We can ordered for you Allegro-2, Allegro-2 Tower of power, Chair, ExcO Chair or IQ Reformer.
*any equipment is sold in package with private sessions.

Any request for Pilates@home should be sent to admin@bodyvita.nl with the following information:
-Your name and postal code
-Preferred teacher(s)
-Preferred days/times
-Equipment offerte

P.s. We take care to disinfect all equipment, and the lessons follow RIVM regulations