Pilates In Groups

Bodyvita offers Pilates small group lessons in our studios for all levels: from beginner to advanced. During the Pilates group lessons, 4-7 people take part in a lesson so that we can at all times offer the personal guidance and attention that is so important in our studios.

Pilates for beginners
When you first get started with Pilates, the introduction program is mandatory to be able to participate in the beginner’s lessons afterwards. Pilates is based on basic principles and techniques and the introduction program of Bodyvita offers an accessible introduction to these basic principles, such as correct breathing, body posture and centering your balance. After you have completed this introduction, we recommend that you take beginner´s lessons with different trainers. In this way you will be able to decide best with which trainer (and group) you feel most comfortable.

Pilates for the experienced
When you have mastered the basic skills (from our beginners course or previous experiences), it is time for the next step. The exercises at this level are more complex and the pace of the class is higher, with the aim of pushing your boundaries.

Pilates for the advanced
Advanced Pilates requires a very high development of physical awareness and knowledge of one’s own (inner) strength. It is not possible for everyone to reach this level. However, as soon as you are ready, that realization often follows.

Pilates Partners
Pilates Partners is intended for a ‘closed’ group of people (minimum 4, maximum 7) who would like to train together. Think of colleagues, family, or friends. With Pilates Partners you train at a fixed time on a fixed day with your regular group. Mail to Tatjana for additional info: info@bodyvita.nl