at “Chassé Dance Studio” in Amsterdam

“I AM STILL LEARNING”  – Michelangelo at age of 87

Bodyvita is proud to host a day of Mat Pilates Masterclasses with Tatjana Plotnikova, Devon Ress and Turid Dramé. The classes are suitable both for Pilates teachers and Pilaters lovers that are eager to deepen and diversify their Pilates repertoire. In just one day, we promise that you will get copious amounts of inspiration, knowledge and practice time so that you leave with the confidence to use the equipment in new ways.

Massage & Awareness
Franklin Balls  

We will kick off the Pilates Inspiration Day focusing on body awareness and release. In this Masterclass, Turid will help you experience how you can use body release and awareness as a foundation for your practice. We will massage our way through the body; from the feet to the pelvis, spine and shoulders, all the way to your fingers. You will investigate where your tight and tender spots are, where you are challenged and what areas you need to work on to achieve balance and comfort in your body. After this class you will be aware and prepared for the rest of this fun, inspiring day.


Elastic Fantastic 

Devon Ress

The Theraband

The theraband is lightweight, easy to store and cheap compared to much of the Pilates equipment. Although using a theraband might not be new to you, this Masterclass will invite you to explore new ways to spice up our matwork using the bands to add resistance and increase the amount of strength work, and as a method of feedback in stability exercises. In classical Pilates, matwork was part of a client’s homework. In this class, Devon will playfully incorporate the theraband to help you see and feel how many studio apparatus exercises can be translated into matwork while also adding athleticism and resistance to your classes.



Familiar tools in unfamiliar ways 

Tatjana Plotnikova 

Small Pilates Ball 22-25 cm

Are you a bit stuck in a rut with the small ball? The ball is one of our most frequently used props, and it is easy to return to the same old exercises that you’ve always done. In this Masterclass, Tatjana will show the many ways you can use your 22-26 cm ball to help students understand how their bodies work. With the ball, teachers can explain movement more clearly and achieve the goal of an exercise faster whilst students can get more out of their class. The focus of this Masterclass is to be able to communicate better with your students using the ball as a tool to allow more experience than explanation. After this class you will be prepared to use the ball not only as a challenge, but also as a tool to make advanced exercises and concepts more accessible.



The Magic Circle

Turid Dramé

The magic of movement with the Magic Circle

It is said that Joseph Pilates created the first Magic circle out of the metal ring from a beer barrel and a couple of wooden blocks. Although it is one of the oldest pieces of Pilates equipment, the circle is not often viewed as a crowd pleaser. In this Masterclass, Turid will convince you that this is a prop you can use for much more than you think. The resistance of the magic circle can help facilitate joint stability and mobility, as well as muscle strength and flexibility. Turid will help you explore how the circle can challenge and/or support your movements by looking at head-neck and shoulder awareness, core control, finding length and alignment and more.



Foot essentials 

Devon Ress

Mat & Franklin Balls

What have you done for your feet lately? Out of the 206 bones in your body, 52 are found in the feet. With 30 joints and over 100 soft tissue structures like muscles, tendons and ligaments in each foot, the feet serve as your foundation when you are standing or moving.Despite all the work that we put our feet through during sport, work and daily life, few of us give them proportional preparation and care. Knee, hip, back and neck problems are also commonly related to the feet. Balance, which is a prerequisite to proper movement and body mechanics heavily depends on good foot posture and mobility. In this Masterclass, Devon will show you a broad spectrum of strength, balance and mobility work that is focused on improving and maintaining foot health, as well as ways to incorporate this in your classes and daily practice.




Early Bird Prices * :

  • The 10 first spots full day – all masterclasses: €99.00 (excl. Credit card fees).
  • The 10 first spots including props package: €190.00 (excl. Credit card fees).
  • The props package includes: franklin balls, pilates small ball, theraband (1.5m),pilates magic circle – retail value €150.00.
  • To receive an invoice and to pay via bank transfer, email us at admin@bodyvita.nl

 Prices * :

  • Full day – all masterclasses: €150.00 (excl. Credit card fees).
  • Full day – all masterclasses including props package €220.00 (excl. Credit card fees).
  • The props package includes: franklin balls, pilates small ball, theraband (1.5m), pilates magic circle – retail value €150.00.
  • To receive an invoice and to pay via bank transfer, email us at admin@bodyvita.nl


Mireille M.
It was one of the nicest things to do for me: I never thought I could do an entire day of Pilates but it was such a nice / no fail environment.  It was easy to focus on your own level and get everything out of it that you wanted. Really excellent program, and couldn't have been a nicer day (oh yeah: could have used a massage afterwards!)
Daphne Y. 
Well organized, fun and supported full day Masterclass! I would definitely sign up for another one, if offered . Thanks!
More shoulder awareness after doing classes. I felt good!!!!
Good to move again in a bigger group! Great to see diferent teachers !
Bedankt voor de inspirerende dag! Ik heb ontzettend veel glucose in mijn hersenen verbrand en daarna heerlijk geslapen. Ik hoop dat ik het meeste kan onthouden en door kan geven.
I could do way more that I thougth.
Using the props is new to me.
Margo V.
New ideas to introduce to the classes!
Rita M.
I feel energized! Nice for my shoulders as I have a desk job.
A lot of variations with simple props.