Prijzen - Pilates lessen in Amsterdam centrum



One session is 50 minutes.
All lessons are valid for half year.

PT Master Trainer
1 lesson  € 75,00
PT Master Trainer
10 lessons  € 685,00
PT Senior Master Trainer
1 lesson  € 100
PT Senior Master Trainer
5 lessons  € 500
Physiotherapist PT
1 lesson  € 85,00
Physiotherapist PT
10 lessons  € 850,00
PT Tatjana Plotnikova
1 lesson  € 120,00
PT Tatjana Plotnikova
10 lessons  € 1200,00
Duet Master Trainer
1 lesson p/p – € 48,00
Duet Master Trainer
10 lesson p/p – € 445,00
Duet Senior Master Trainer
1 lesson p/p – € 55,00
Duet Senior Master Trainer
10 lessons p/p – € 550,00
Duet Physiotherapist PT
1 lesson  € 50,00

Duet Physiotherapist PT
10 lessons  € 500,00

Duet Tatjana Plotnikova 1 lesson  € 70,00 p/p
Duet Tatjana Plotnikova 10 lessons  € 700,00 p/p
1 Trio Each Person
1 lesson  € 40,00 p/p
10 Trio Each Person
10 lessons  € 40,00 p/p
Screening Test
1 lesson  € 180,00
Pilates @Home
1 lesson from  € 75,00

Unlimited Monthly membership €395,00

  • Online advanced booking
  • Access over 70 classes a week
  • Access all BODYVITA locations
  • Experience from over 15 expert teachers
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Attend one class each day of the month at any current Bodyvita location with our Unlimited Monthly Membership. No refunds of transfer for time unused. See contract for full benefits and conditions.

  • Members must maintain a valid credit card on file with Bodyvita.
  • Membership is non-transferable.
  • Adjusted Reservations and Missed Reservations are subject to fees. See class cancellation policies below.

Missed Reservations:
Class adjustments must be made at least 24 hours before the class start time.
If you missed your reservation, a “Late fee/no-show” of € 37,00 fee will be added to your negative account.

Subject to change:
Bodyvita reserves the right to make changes and improvements to the Membership and services offered.

Failure to pay Reservation Adjustment or “Late fee/no-show” fees may result in the suspension of your booking privileges.
If you don’t have a credit card and would like to buy the “unlimited monthly membership” please send us email at info@bodyvita.nl


45 minutes, max 4-6 persons.
The lessons card for Pilates Group trainings can be shared with friends and families!
All lessons are valid for one year.

Group lessons on Pilates Reformer/ Tower (45 min.) or Outdoor
1 lesson (45 min.)
Group lessons on Pilates Reformer/ Tower or Outdoor
10 lessons (26 weeks)
 € 262,00
Group lessons on Pilates Reformer/ Tower or Outdoor
20 lessons (36 weeks)
€ 524
12 lessons (30 days)
€ 285,00
16 lessons (30 days)
€ 335,00

All prices and special offers of our pilates lessons in Amsterdam center are listed in the summary below. These prices are valid when paid in the studio, when ordered online there is an extra credit card fee. Temporarily no IDEAL or AMEX payment are possible (Only Visa and Mastercard).
For any questions or subscriptions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
You can also sign up for any of our Pilates trainings through our online subscription form .

If notice of cancellation is provided less than 24 hours before commencement of the Pilates training session (on working days), the Client shall be charged the full fee.