Tatjana is the founder of Bodyvita and has years of experience in high performance sports. Not only from her personal career as a national synchronize swimmer but also as trainer of professionals and at the Cirque du Soleil. Tatjana initially came in touch with pilates through her career as a synchronize swimmer where in the trainings also pilates exercises were used. After she quit her swimming career, she decided to fully focus on pilates, her big passion because the method is perfect to help people to become more aware of their body and to feel good, both mentally as physically. Her mission is to stimulate people to live healthier and to change their lifestyles through pilates so they don´t just become more vital but also happier.

Tatjana doesn´t just teach you to really get to know your body through her classes but she really has a unique vision of the human body after years of practical experience and studying. She instinctively knows which exercises you need and not one class is the same. Every human body is different and that is why every training is different. For Tatjana, an individual approach is key whether you are rehabilitating, training to stay fit and to get stronger, or preparing for an intense sporting activity. People with serious physical problems are also very welcome in her classes, she loves working with people that no one else could help.

Tatjana developed her own training program in which she brings different Pilates methods together in her own way. By combining the fundamental parts of primarily Polestar Pilates, Ground Control Pilates, the Franklinn-methods, she has developed her own unique approach to Pilates training.


  • Synchronize professional swimmer
  • Aerobic World Instructor
  • FISAF Russian Aerobic Federation Aqua Aerobic
  • International advanced instructor kikcfun
  • Pilates for Walking and Standing
  • Ground control Pilates
  • Pilates MAX , Pilates Zwangerschap
  • London – Russia Pilates
  • Polestar Pilates mat 3, mat & props,
  • Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio Rehabilitation
  • Golf Pilates Instructor
  • Postural Analysis STOTT PILATES ®
  • Programming for Scoliosis Management STOTT PILATES ®
  • The Knee Stability and Function STOTT PILATES ®
  • Body Balance Universities Mat for Motor Control
  • Stability and Balance
  • Functional Anatomy of the Shoulder
  • Spinal Mobility on the Mat and Reformer
  • Pilates for Athletes
  • Pilates Post-rehabilitation Programs for Hip and Knee Replacement
    Apparatus Playground
  • Tye4 Workshop met Joan Breibart
  • The Pilates Chair & Reformer
    Reframe Core Control – Fascia Oriented Training for the Deep Front Line in the Contemporary Pilates Environment
  • Meeting Functional Demands of the Hip and Knee with Pilates
  • Lis Coch “The Psoas” seminar
  • Reformer with Elizabeth Larkam
  • Pilates for the Back by Dr Brent Anderson
  • Pilates Arc® with Nancy Myers
  • Balanced Body Barre™ Workout with Joy Karley
  • Chair Workout with Valentin,Pilates Arc® Workout with Elizabeth Larkam
    Meeting Functional Demands of the Hip and Knee with Pilates
  • Reframe Core Control – Fascia Oriented Training for the Deep Front
  • Line in the Contemporary Pilates Environment
    MS Ed Pilates Post-rehabilitation Programs for Hip and Knee Replacement
  • Pilates for Pregnancy Lynne Robinson
  • Anatomy Trains James Earls
  • Scolios Practical Approach Polestar Pilates Blas Chamorro
  • The Ingle Institute for Somatic Movement Education
  • The Fundamentals of Hanna Somatic
  • ZEN.GA™ Intro to V2 Vinyasa on the V2 MaxPlus™ Reformer
  • Jumpboard Strength & Conditioning workshop STOTT PILATES
  • Anatomie Trains for Movement Therapists
  • Myofasciale release
  • Freestyler
  • EFFA Personal Training Congress
  • Polestar European Event & workshops Berlin
  • Workshop with Elizabeth Larkam: How organ mobility influences pilates and balancing the slings in the pilates studio
  • Pilates Heritage congres and workshops from Alan Herdman, Lolita San Miguel, Katey Corey (pilates for breast cancer rehabilitation), Anthony Lett, Sheri Betz, Elizabeth Larkam
  • workshop Alan Herdman March
  • Pilates on Tour online conference Classical to contemporary October 2021
  • A Deep Breath with Tom Myers and Jill Mille
  • ROLL & RECOVER / Myofascial release
  • Icemen training / Wim Hoff Method
  • Cultivating Resilience – Elastic Recoil Mat Sequences for Upper Body, Lower Body and Whole Body E.Larkam
  • Every Breath You Take – Pilates mat sequences that address age-related changes in the respiratory system E.Larkam
  • Spring in Your Step – Elastic Recoil sequences for the upper body, the lower body, the whole body E.Larkam
  • 3D reformer Anula Maiberg
  • CAFS Certification in Applied Functional Science®


International presenter

  • Nike Convention Kiev,Ukraine, Chelyabinsk, Moscow
  • Intersport Convention Moscow
  • CIF Moldova
  • Fitness Moscow
  • MIOF Convention Moscow
  • Yore Future Convention Russia
  • Wellness Weekend Convention Russia
  • FIBO
  • Educator

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