I am new to Pilates, where do I begin?
Is it your first time taking a pilates machine (equipment) class?

For safety we advise to start with an intake/introduction private class. In this class we show you how the different machines work, look at what your specific training goals are and give advice.

Can I participate in classes during pregnancy?
Depending on how far your pregnancy is you can join group classes after advising with a teacher. We also offer pre-post natal private or duet classes.
Can I participate if recovering from injury?
Depending on the injury and after consulting a phyician we recommend taking private classes to start. That way you receive a class specifically designed for your needs.
How long is each group class or private?
Group classes and privates are 55 minutes, we also offer a 30 minute private class.
How long are the packages valid for?
All our private and group class packages are valid for 36 weeks.
What should I wear / bring with me?
– Barefoot or non skid socks (we also sell non skid socks)

– No lose sitting clothing or jewelry

– No heavy perfumes, please consider your personal hygiene.

– We clean our machines after each class.

– We supply towels, water, coffee and tea.

– Lockers are provided.

– Please leave your mobilephone switched off in the lockers provided.

Which class niveau is best for me?
We offer 3 different levels on our schedule: beginners, intermediate and advanced. Confer with one of the teachers if you are unsure which level is best for you.

In a beginners class there will be more explanation and the class is set at a softer pace.

In a an advanced class the tempo is faster and there is a larger repertoire of exercises.

How do I create an account?
To create an account go to schedule and click on the icon (bodyv) to fill in your details.



How do I book a group class / purchase private classes?
You first need to purchase your classes.

There are 3 ways to purchase classes, two on the website and one on the Bodyvita app.

  1. On the website go to schedule, click the “buy new card” tab, sellect which type of card you would like. These purchases can only be made with credit card*.
  1. On the website go to schedule, sign up for class, select existing client or new client, choose your purchase.
  1. Book a class via the Bodyvita app.
  1. Purchase your class or package at the studio.

*Online prices are inclusive of tax and delivery charges of Credit Cards /AMEX / VC / MC



*Introduction packages
We offer 2 different introduction packages.

  • One introduction private class and one group class.
  • 3 group classes, a good way to try different teachers.
How do I book private classes?
  • First make a personal account
  • Go to the welcome tab
  • Click private session
  • You will receive a confirmation email
How do I cancel a group / private class I have booked?
  • Bodyvita works with a 24 hour cancellation policy for all group / private classes.
    • Go to schedule
    • Click on the icon (bodyv)
    • Log in
    • Go to my info
    • Cancel



How does the waiting list work for group classes?
If a space becomes available for the class you will receive a confirmation mail that you have been added. Please keep in mind that our 24 hour cancellation policy also applies to the waitlist.
How do I review my booked classes, purchase history, remaining classes & other info?
  • Go to schedule
  • Click on the icon (bodyv)